• Served food and drinks on table
  • Rolled pancakes with chocolate and strawberry

Lune Cafe

Our Vision

Lune is more than just a café; It’s where Inner Glow Meets Delicious Bites

Imagine a sunny morning mixed with laughter and the smell of fresh coffee and matcha. Afternoon sunlight illuminating friends who share hearty toasts and refreshments, their faces lighting up with a genuine glowy connection. As the day darkens, having heartfelt conversations over desserts, leaving one feeling glowy and content.
Lune is more than just a menu; It’s a canvas for self-care. Indulge in sandwiches crafted with love, each bite a celebration of nourishing your body. Embrace the playful energy of redbull-infused drinks (glows), letting your inner light dance to its own beat. And if your sweet tooth calls, we’ll serve you delicious sweet covered crepes, waffles and mini pancakes.
Lune's magic lies beyond the delicious offerings. It's in the community it fosters. The warm smiles of our baristas, who are more than just coffee masters; It's the gentle nudge they give you to glow and let your inner glow shine. So step into Lune, and Feel the Glow.